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I think I’m gonna leave.

I’m trying so hard to get out of this funk and it isn’t working. Like I feel like in going to be stuck like this for awhile but I don’t want to. Usually I have an idea how to become content once again within a couple of days but I’m just feeling lower and lower each day. Like why did I let myself do this again?! Why do I have to deal with this bull shit. I just want to be me again. I want to be the girl who didn’t care what others thought, who was happy with the simple things, who was happy with herself, who didn’t mind being alone and actually loved it… I feel like I’m just a product of a horrible society and school and I’m destined for doom. When will I be happy with myself physically and mentally. When will I accept life as is and enjoy it. I feel like the past 17-18 years have just been so fake and needy and just utter disappointment and attention seeking mess and I’ve finally lost myself and there’s no way of getting myself back this time. I want to be happy but it’s so fucking hard. I’m trying I truly am but I just want to say fuck it. Fuck it to everyone. Family, friends, art, anything that brings me joy or any type of emotion. But I know I won’t be able to do that to others. The sad part is me not caring about how I feel but of the effect it will have on others if I just quit. I’m not suicidal but I just want to leave. Leave everyone and be by myself, it’ll be like I was dead. I don’t know how to deal with myself anymore. I’m not even myself…



Aint no one like Pac


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great gatsby (2013): leonardo dicaprio is rich and screams at people

wolf of wallstreet (2013): leonardo dicaprio is rich and screams at people

django unchained (2012): leonardo dicaprio is rich and screams at people

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